Larval Set

These masks cover the wearer's full face, and in some cases, their full head. Character masks can be used for training or for productions. (Please note that colors and hair on these masks can be chosen to fulfill your needs.)

Toddler Head

The toddler head is full of mischief! Inspired by the proportions of a three year old child, this mask encompasses the wearer's full head. Hair on this mask is integral. When worn, this head dwarfs the actor’s body, creating the illusion of a younger child. The interior is stuffed with foam to ensure that the head does not bobble in movement. This non speaking mask can be made to represent either sex.

The Captain

This robust character oozes confidence. The mask, inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Present in Charles Dickens' story “A Christmas Carol”, has the unique ability to speak, despite being a full head encompassing mask. As the head is much larger than life size, this mask's eyes are static, and the chin is open for the actor’s mouth to speak. The mask’s cheeks contain patches of metal mesh through which the actor can see. Hair is also integral for this mask, and it can be painted to represent either sex.

Grandma Kristin

She is a wide-eyed, alert older woman with a pouty lower lip that just can't help itself. This mask was inspired by our good friend and talented playwright partner, Kristin Harrison. This is a full face covering mask. Excellent character mask for training actors, and as she does not speak, the actor can focus on communicating solely with her body.

The Silent Old Man

This old man doesn't have much to say, but his face tells volumes. A full face mask only, the actor is forced to dig into physically communicating what's going on inside this character.