Commedia Carol Set

This set of 9 masks offers a few varied options on some of the traditional stock Commedia characters. These are parts of a larger set of masks that were created for Faction of Fools' production of A Commedia Christmas Carol. The colors of the masks in these photos reflect the originating production, but you can have any color you prefer. I recommend skin tone colors that imitate leather, and can send you a color palate for skin tones. On these masks, all hair as pictured is optional.

Pantalone (played as Ebenezer Scrooge)

Inspired by an eagle, this is a very direct Pantalone with harsh angular lines and a nose that could cut through just about anything.

¾ Dottore (played as Jacob Marley)

Inspired by money moguls around the world, this large beast of a face contains in it the nose and brow line of a more traditional Dottore ½ mask, then it fills in the cheeks and jowels too. Very intense face.

Traditional Dottore (played as Soliticitor)

A simple Dottore mask. (Hair is optional)

Pantalone (played as Soliticitor)

An older, less assertive Pantalone. (Hair is optional)

Arrlecchino (played as Bob Cratchit)

Inspired by the loyalty of a Golden Retriever, this Arrlecchino has an abundance of good will and friendliness, but can’t help but do his job incorrectly no matter how he tries.

Tartaglia (played as Fezziwig)

Inspired by an owl, this Tartaglia is our favorite VERY old man. This style of glasses can be made for your mask for an additional cost.

Colombina (played as Mrs Cratchit)

Inspired by a mole, this is a very nosy Colombina.

Short nosed Pulchinella

With a nose that doesn't quit, this mask contains some innocence and some apathy, and plenty of the mischief of Pulchinella.

Long nosed Pulchinella

A massively long nose, this Pulchinella is the ultimate in zanni simplicity; nose smells, zanni goes. Wonderful mask for training actors.