Commedia (Grotesque) Set

Gaudy, bawdy and without shame, the Grotesque set is meant to allow the low humor of Commedia greater highs and even lower lows! Inspired by animals which we likened to the stock characters, their play is ferocious. We’ve tried to stay true to both the outward "face" and counter-mask play of the character. In the future, we hope to add additional characters to this set, namely Il Capitano and Brighella. Made in high quality neoprene*.


The most famous persona of the Commedia, the food-motivated zanni Arrlechino is presented here with both innocent glee and agile bravado. This Arrlechino emphasizes a cat-like creature, full of grace and folly, stupidity and spontaneous brilliance. Eyes can be round or square, please specify this when ordering.


A middle-aged version of this volcanic, stuttering persona. Tartaglia can be a messenger, a lawyer, a school teacher or any minor character that enters stage to bring the audience extra hilarity. Hair on Tartaglia is optional.


Super cheeks for a curvy, spirited master-mind with a plan to fix any romantic or financial dilemma. She is an exaggerated "zagna" with extra large features, pushing this often bare-faced character into the realm of the more fierce masks. Eye lashes are made of stiffened leather.


The old miser in all his wrinkled glory. This mask has a traditional Pantalone nose and adorable tuft of hair on the center of his head, along with a mischievous mustache (both are made with real horsehair**.) His parsimony and his tendency to fall a wee bit nostalgic are the two extremes that play well in this mask. All hair is optional.


A tempestuous letch, prideful and boisterous, the Dottore is a man of letters and correspondences, (often a lawyer or doctor.) This Dottore is bubbling with cartoonish pretention. His mustache and devilish eyebrows add some sophisticated scowl to his face, (both are made of real horsehair**.)

Stub-nosed Zanni

A short nose and small eyes, can be male or female. This zanni is one of the more oblivious in the zanni realm. The large space between his eyes results in a mental slowness, and the rounded stub nose avails him to agility and inquisitiveness. You may add hair or no, please specify needs when ordering.


The most grotesque of the set, this lady has a nose that won’t quit. She tends to get into all the business of the cast around her. Often married to either Pantalone or Dottore, her life is cushy enough to allow time for other suitors… and Signora is always hungry for more admirers or more secret meetings with men other than her husband. This particular Signora is as lecherous as the Dottore. Her eye lashes are made of stiffened leather.

*Regarding allergies to Latex: Some people who have latex allergies react similarly to neoprene. Please be sure that adults wearing neoprene do not have latex allergies.

**Please note for all masks using real horsehair: Horsehair tends to react similarly to human hair in humidity. The hair can be curled with a standard curling iron for particular effects, though it may loose curl or tend to frizz in certain weather. Please treat it as you would your own hair, use hair products, wash when saturated in product, etc.